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Extreme Plates, LLC


Extreme Plates provides Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) solutions and is a TC-1 Stabilized Entrance/ Exit product vendor from the Greater Los Angeles area.  Over the past 6 years we have assisted businesses across California and throughout North America including, but not limited to: Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, and Florida. The bulk of our business comes from both renting and selling Heavy-Duty Steel Traditional Track-Out Plates (TOPs), and our highly acclaimed Heavy-Duty Steel Tubular Bottomless Track-Out Grates (TOGs), for TC-1 Entrance/ Exit.  We are consistently working with general contractors on the importance and installation of SWPPPs and TC-1 BMP standards.  California is particularly strict in regulating loose soil erosion on construction sites, and projects are consistently hit with violation notices and fines for failing to comply and plan for these necessities ahead of time during the pre-construction process.


Some of the professional, contractor-grade construction equipment manufacturers Extreme Plates is a proud authorized dealer for include, but not limited to:  Wacker, Multiquip, Sullivan Palitek, Airman and Chicago Pneumatic.  We represent their complete product line of new equipment, including anything from compactors like Rammers / Tampers and Vibratory Plates to demolition tools like Pneumatic Breakers and Chipping Hammers, or even portable energy sources such as Light Towers Air Compressors and Towable Generators.  Extreme Plates provides professional quality products at highly competitive prices, while maintaining the attention only a family owned business can provide.


Extreme Plates is proud to have worked with and provided products to a wide range of project buyers and constructors. These include general contractors, home builders, municipalities, and even large corporations such as Space X and Disney. We have recently assisted on projects by providing products and services to businesses and government entities like:

  • County of Los Angeles

  • City of Anaheim

  • City of San Diego 

  • Lennar Homes

  • Sukut Construction

  • Flatiron Construction

  • Granite Construction

  • Fullmer Construction


We take pride in building relationships with our clients, not simply acquiring business. When you work with Extreme Plates, it’s all about: Your project. Our solution. 


We hope to gain your business in the future. Thank you for your consideration.

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