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We are Cris and Mindy Follett - Experienced professionals in the construction equipment and materials industry.


We provide construction project site solutions and products to maintain clean job sites that minimize track out debris, control erosion and prevent storm water pollution. We work with professional construction firms throughout North America; which includes sales and rentals of our products and services for the end-user and resale markets.


Our goal is to partner with construction project managers to keep their job-site abiding with BMP (BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES) and in compliance with SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan), ESOP, NPDES, and any applicable ordinances set forth by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or other such appropriate governing agencies. 


A clean stabilized entry prevents redundant governing audits.  A clean, stabilized entry says, “My site is compliant, and we abide by all regulations.” 


To meet minimum standards and prevent COSTLY FINES - “all the construction site operator’s activities to prevent stormwater contamination, control sedimentation and erosion, and comply with the requirements of the Clean Water Act” must be met on every site.  EPA-833-R-06-004


Our specialty is innovative Heavy Duty Steel Track Out Grates (TOGS) and in addition:

Steel shaker plates // Rumble plates // Innovative tubular track out grates // Steel Trench plates // Road plates // Stabilized entries that meet all local project requirements // Curb ramps // Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plans (SWPPP) // Much more...


Project site solutions for the PROFESSIONAL...

Many different models to choose from or let us custom build your next steel fabricated product. 

All our heavy-duty steel products are available to purchase or rent.  We provide a generous "buy - back" program for when your project is complete. 

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