Frequently Asked Questions


How big is an EXTREME track out plate?

All of our track out plates in stock are a standard 8’ wide and 10’ long. We build our track-out plates to the standard of the CalTrans stabilized construction entrance TC-1. If you have a particular need, we can custom make any size for your specific project.

Extreme track out plates are built to last. We use thick, quality steel and industrial welding wire to ensure a strong, long-lasting product. CalTrans certified.


What is the difference between a track out plate (TOP) and track out grate (TOG)?

Heavy duty steel track out grates- TOGs (shaker grates, rattle grates, rumble grates) have an open bottom that allows debris to fall through. Innovative design allows for minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.

8' x 10' ONLY 1,465 lbs! Great for Stabilized Entries on base rock or dirt. Ramps available for hard surface placement like asphalt or concrete!


Track Out Plates- TOPs, traditional steel track out plates (shaker plates, rumble plates, rattle plates). Steel plate-based design ideal for placement on asphalt or concrete.  8' x 10' Steel Plate based units, 3300 lbs.

2-1/2" x ¼" Angle Iron -- most other shaker plates in the market are 3/16”

45-degree cuts on EDGES so no Ripped TIRE SIDEWALLS.


What is SWPPP?

SWPPP is an acronym for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.  It is required for all job sites an acre or more throughout the United States. Often times, depending on geographic location, it may be required on a construction site under an acre as well. Our heavy-duty steel plates and grates meet the TC-1 requirements for stabilized entries / stabilized exits on all SWPPP plans. Call Extreme Plates today to consult on your particular erosion control plans. 


How many steel plates do I need for a stabilized entry, stabilized exit?

Standard track out plates and track out grates are 8’ wide x 10’ long. A 10’ wide entry will require three for proper track out control. An entry of 20’ wide will require six. A correct stabilized entry / exit will have at least 30’ of track out control.  This can often times be supplemented with aggregate depending on your specific project.  Give Extreme Plates a call today to discuss your specific needs.


How much are shaker plates?

Rental and purchase rates can vary depending on quantity needed and geographic location. Extreme Plates fairly prices our products based on the cost of the commodity of steel.  


Can I use plastic FODs instead of steel Extreme Plates?

If your project does not require you to adhere to SWPPP standards to meet TC-1 requirements put forth by the AQMD, then yes you can. Currently the government mandated standards only recognize corrugated STEEL panels (AKA track out plates and track out grates) and aggregate as industry standards to meet the AQMD requirements, not plastic mats.


What is track out in construction?

Track out is the mud, soil, or other organic debris that gets carried out of a construction site, farm, or any other industrial area where the soil has been disturbed. Extreme Plates prevents this from being carried out on to our roadways and into our storm water systems. 


What is a track out control device?

A Trackout Control Device is a device that is placed at the exit / entrance of a construction job site. Extreme Plates track-out control devices and trackout products are Track Out Grates (TOGs) and Track Out Plates (TOPs). 

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