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Your project is specific to certain standards depending on location, environmental conditions, and budget.  Extreme Plates, LLC. provides solutions to meet your exact needs. With knowledge and experience in BMP (Best Management Practices), SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans), TC-1, and stabilized entry requirements on site; we will provide you with a plan that far exceeds industry standards while keeping your budget on target.  

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Innovative designs in shaker/ rumble/ track out plates and grates. We are able to design what you need. Custom Fabrication and welding on every product.  In addition to heavy duty tubular grate designs, that far exceeds any other track out plate you have ever used, we also offer Plasma cut shapes and designs on every product we sell. Added to your products, this not only make you stand out with heavy duty business signs, but also is ideal for tracking your products. Custom designed logos in any shape or size available for your plates / grates, which advertise your company and reduce theft and loss.

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