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Extreme Plates proudly only makes the highest quality steel products.  
Every steel product is available for custom design to make it fit exactly for YOUR project.  
Our motto has always been, and always will be | YOUR Project.  OUR Solutions.  

Heavy duty steel track out grates (shaker plates, rumble plates, rumble grates)  with an open bottom that allows debris to fall through. Innovative design allows for minimal maintenance; saving you time and money.

Track Out Grates -- Tubular Steel

8' x 10' ONLY 1,460lbs! Great for Stabilized Entries on base rock or dirt. Ramps available for hard surface placement like asphalt or concrete! A must for your construction entrance / construction exit on all new construction job sites over 1 acre

Traditional steel track out plates.  Angle iron cut at 45 degrees on edges to prevent ripped tire sidewalls.  Shaker plate / Rumble plate / Rattle grate / Rattle plate.

Track Out Plates (shaker plates, rumble plates, rumble grates)-- Traditional Design but BUILT BETTER than any competitor!

8' x 10' Steel Plate based units.

2-1/2" x ¼" Angle Iron -- most other shaker plates in the market are 3/16" -- WRONG! Not STRONG!

45 degree cuts on EDGES so no Ripped TIRE SIDEWALLS~

All of our track out plates and track out grates are available for purchase or rent. 

Steel trench plates for rent! Steel trench plates for sale!

Shaker plates for rent! Shaker plates for sale!

Rumble plates for rent! Rumble plates for sale!

Stabilized entry to exceed BMP standards on your job site to meet SWPPP requirements. We pride ourselves on EVERY attention to detail.  We are OFTEN called to clean up and re-install stabilized entries of our competitors because they cut corners on the front end.  Many of our competitors PRIDE themselves on being the "cheapest".   We pride ourselves on competitive, fair prices, and providing our clients with HIGH QUALITY products and services.  EXTREME PLATES should be your first call, not the call you make to clean up cheaply made steel products and a sloppy stabilized entry that many of our competitors offer.  

Our track out plates / grates (shaker plates, rumble plates, rattle grates / rattle plates) are set on a LEVEL layer of rock on dirt sites.  Accuracy and attention to detail is important to EXTREME PLATES.  

Steel Trench Plates | Steel Road Plates 

Standard sizes currently available and in stock

Center lifting nut and lifting eye

Non-skid coating option

Available for sale or rent

Contact us today about custom orders


Professional Heavy Duty Steel Curb Ramps. Custom designs available to meet your needs. 

Engineered for Standard Curb Height 

Does NOT block flow of water on curb 

Base Support for superior STRENGTH 

Angled Top to connect effortlessly to the curb 

One of the many things we are known for is our excellent plasma laser cut STEEL name plates and tracking numbers.  This provides YOU with inventory control.  It also is an excellent marketing tool for our clients on a job site. I encourage you to compare our design with our competitors.  All name plates and contact information is available with EVERY NEW SALE. Our rental fleet is branded with our information.  So when you are at the end of the job and you are trying to find out where your buddy ordered these from months ago, our contact info is staring you right in the face. 

Our steel shaker plate, rumble plate, trackout plates and grates are 8 'x 10' ...but we are able to custom make any size. 

Every steel product we make comes with a custom steel, plasma cut name plate to track your product and provide superior inventory control.

Have a need for curb ramps on a non-angular site?  Consider it done!  

Let Extreme Plates become your FIRST AND ONLY call for your professional construction job site needs.  

Shipping, hauling, and transportation available world wide.  Our clients expand through the United States, into Canada, and we even export to clients in Australia.  chilver Extreme Plates is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

When we deliver, we personally over see the placement and help guide you through the process. 

Authorized Dealer for New Construction Equipment

We are a proud authorized dealer for new construction equipment.  Call us today about full line of compaction equipment such as rammers / tampers and vibratory plates.  We carry MQ, Wacker, Chicago Pneumatic (an Atlas Copco company), and introducing Sullivan-Palatek.

What sets Extreme Plates apart is every attention to detail.  All of our steel products in our rental fleet are branded with safety yellow paint, in addition to our contact information on a plasma cut steel name plate.

With the new purchase of your steel track out grates, steel track out plates, and curb ramps (or any other custom steel design) you receive a custom name plate and any additional numbers you need for inventory control.  We can also add the safety yellow paint on every new product.  

Non-skid surface option available to coat your new product with.  Prices vary for this option depending on size of surface.  

SWPPP (STORM WATER POLLUTION PREVENTION PLAN).  BMP packages to minimize erosion and sediment on your construction job site (i.e. gravel bags, silt fence, straw wattle, sediment basin, soil stabilizers, etc...).Required for your construction entrance / construction exit on all new construction job sites over 1 acre

Also consider, BMPs to minimize non-stormwater discharges (i.e. concrete waste management, material waste management, good housekeeping practices, etc...).

Site inspections and BMP maintenance.

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