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What are the benefits of using STEEL Road Plates (Trench Plates) as opposed to composite options?

Benefits of using traditional STEEL plates include: 

Availability - we can deliver DOT / Cal Trans certified products the same day for emergencies.  Extreme Plates offers short term to long term rentals.  We also offer new plates for purchase. Our inventory consists of various plate sizes that enable us to accommodate almost any need immediately! Non-skid coating options available.

Durability - steel does not warp, split, crack or creep.  They can withstand heavy loads both laterally and vertically.  Steel Road Plates can endure constant stress and strain from construction site traffic. 

Speed of Installation - our plates are good to go the moment they are placed on the construction site hole.  This is crucial when time is sensitive to get the job done.

We rent road plates.  We rent trench plates.  Road Plates for Sale. Trench Plates for Sale.  Road Plates for Rent.  Trench Plates for Rent.

Your Project.  Our Solutions!

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